Daily Wrestling Match Resolution • September 2018 🍂🍁

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What’s up Wrestling Geeks? 

It’s finally Autumn! The leaves are turning orange, the air is crisp and cool. Pumpkin spice is taking over our entire existance and the apples are just begging to be picked. Yeah if you don’t live on a tropical island that is usually 100 degrees and drenched in hurricane season rain… So I’m going to just sit by my fan, burn a “Leaves” Candle from bath and body works and buy pumkins and apples imported to the local grocery store to try to enjoy that fall essence in any way I can.




We actually made it to September. Which means… ALL f’n IN!! I’m going to post a seperate entry dedicated to this event, but to sum it up, I really do feel like It changed everything. With a stacked card of amazing talent, this event was able to fuse all types of wrestling together, seemlessly. From Strong Style to Lucha Libre, from funny spots to one of the most emotional matches in wrestling history, this event really painted a picture of what pro wrestling is and will continue to be and evolve into in the future, at least outside of the big machine WWE.



So, still with the “All In” buzz, I started watching matches of people I was introduced to or had seen but not a whole lot of with this event. For example, this event was the first time I had ever seen was MJF https://twitter.com/The_MJF   
I had heard of him on Twitter when he teamed with Madison Rayne against Brandi Rhodes and Flip Gorden for an “All In” Golden Ticket, but I didn’t know what he was about.







Found the match on Youtube posted by “Title Match Wrestling” https://bit.ly/2xVpaYf  But Haven’t seen it yet.

MJF is a cocky, obnoxious, arrogant richy rich boy that is the poster child for entitlement. But can’t deny the guy’s talent. He’s the pretty boy you pay to see get beat up and can’t help but get offended everytime he opens his mouth.


I also saw matches with people like Joey Ryan, Tessa Blanchard, Joey Janela, Pentagon jr & Fenix, and Laural Van Ness (aka Chelsea Green), who I had seen wrestle before but after this historic PPV, was even more intregued about them. And I gotta say, there’s a lot of talent out there. This group of wrestlers really exemplify that you don’t need to be in WWE to show the world that you’re a world class, entertaining athlete and talented as heck. 

Source: https://bit.ly/2zOzt1S

I also watched a lot of Impact Wrestling matches this past month. I discovered them when they were still called “TNA” back in high school and fell madly in love with them. I would come home after school and spend the rest of the afternoon watching any Impact match I could get my hands on from Youtube. Everybody from ‘The Icon’ Sting to Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle to ‘The It Factor of Professional Wrestling’ Bobby Roode to “the Greatest Man who ever Lived’ Austin Aires to the OG Knockout Gail Kim to ‘the Phenomenal’ AJ Styles. Impact Wrestling has always been a comfort zone. For me there’s something cozy and almost nostalgic about watching this promotion, even when watching their more recent stuff. They have gotten good again, so I really recomend you check out their current content. Because no matter how crappy their buisness decisions have been, how controversal the drama of ‘who runs the company’ or how copy cat their storylines could be at times, you CANNOT deny that they have always had amazing talent. Just see the highlight real, linked in the tweet, for yourself.






I also ended up, not even on purpose, watching matches from the Trish Stratus/Mickie James 2006 storyline, when I found myself too tired to pay attention to a longer match. Yeah that happens, don’t judge me. When you watch videos on YouTube, it then puts similar ones in your homepage as suggestions, so that’s how it all came about. And tbh, I freaking love Mrs Hardcore Country, Mickie James, but in some of the backstage bits, her acting kinda sucks. But it’s funny at least. 








[ Video posted by: Andrea Jackson https://bit.ly/2OwKih5 Title: Trish and Mickie backstage https://bit.ly/2QmIUe8 I do not own this video. Just sharing it for entertainment purposes]

So there’s what you’ve all been waiting for… THE LIST


🍁 September 2018 🍂
  1. (Sept 1) ALL IN
    • Again, will be doing a separate post about ALL IN, but I saw so many amazing matches that night, in their entirety, that I just wrote down the whole event. 
  2. (Sept 2 )Ivelisse vs Joey Ryan• Lucha Underground
    • I just found the idea of pervy, sleezy Joey Ryan getting pummled by a Puerto Rican very relaxing. 
  3. (Sept 3) Tessa Blanchard vs David Starr • Beyond Wrestling
    • Highly recommend!
  4. (Sept 4) Colt Cabana vs MJF
    • This is HILARIOUS! Please give it a watch on YouTube if you need a laugh. Colt Cabana matches are a bowl of warm soup during a thunderstorm. 
  5. (Sept 5) Kazuchika Okada (c) vs Sanada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship
    • And note to self: Never watch an Okada singles match after a really long day at University and I’m exhausted. I was able to watch it all but dammit was I sleepy! But at least it was really good. Sanada was actually very impressive against the Rainmaker. 
  6. (Sept 6) Torrie Wilson, Candice & Victoria vs. Trish Stratus, Ashley & Mickie James: Raw, Jan. 16, 2006
  7. (Sept 7) Tessa Blanchard vs Su Yung • Impact Wrestling 
  8. (Sept 8) Ultimo Dragon Vs Joey Janela 
  9. (Sept 9) Aries vs Pentagon vs Fenix: IMPACT vs Lucha Underground 
  10. (Sept 10) Kimber Lee vs. Tracy Williams | Beyond Wrestling vs. WWR #LitUp (Intergender Mixed)
  11. (Sept 11) Katarina vs Scarlett Bordeaux (Xplosion – August 18th, 2018)
  12. (Sept 12) Su Yung vs Diamante • Impact Wrestling Xplosion
  13. (Sept 13) Katerina vs Alisha Edwards
  14. (Sept 14) Kimber Lee vs Harlow O’Hara
    • So far, I’ve seen a couple Harlow O’Hara matches and I really like her dark, edgy look and vibe.
  15. (Sept 15) Beyond Wrestling Mercedes KV (Sasha Banks) v Fury v Mikaze v Fahrenheit (Intergender)
    Kinda funny since Mikaze and Banks are now married. I always find it funny and kinda cool when I see a couple’s intergender match. 
  16. (Sept 16) Alisha vs Laural Van Ness – Impact Wrestling Xplosion
  17. (Sept 17) Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Roderick Strong: (TNA Xplosion) 
    • This was a hidden gem! I had no idea this existed until I saw it. 
  18. (Sept 18) Laurel Van Ness vs. Kiera Hogan (Xplosion – February 11th, 2018)
  19. (Sept 19) Kaitlyn vs. Kavita Devi – Mae Young Classic II Round 1
    • So happy and proud to see Kaitlyn back!!
  20. (Sept 20) The Lucha Brothers: Fenix & Pentagon Jr. Vs Rich Swann & Matt Sydel – Impact Wrestling in Mexico
    • This was really good and the crowd was very into it, rooting for their hometown heros
  21. (Sept 21) Jay White vs Travis Banks
    •Before Switchblade. The comentators were calling it “the battle of the kiwis” since they are both from New Zealand
  22. (Sept 22) Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries: (TNA ONO: Tournament of Champions)
    • Don’t know why I had such a hard time getting into this match. Aries was trying out to chain and submission wrestle Kurt, so it felt a bit more like a joke. I dunno, it was very strange giving how much I actually love these wrestlers. 
  23. (Sept 23) Ashley vs. Mickie James: Raw, Feb. 6, 2006
  24. (Sept 24) DESTRUCTION in KOBE Sept 23,2018 Hyogo·Kobe World Hall • Juice Robinson&David Finlay&Toa Henare VS Jay White&YOSHI-HASHI&Will Ospreay
    • Nothing better then a good NJPW six man tag. They always seem to find a way to make it funny & entertaining (especially Juice) but have that serious athleticness at the same time, so it’s not a joke. 
  25. (sept 25) AJ Lee vs Layla • WWE Smackdown
    • Ah, the nostalgia. I’m a huge AJ Lee fan and will always be.
  26. (Sept 26) Women of Honor Wednesday: Kelly Klein vs Scarlett Bordeaux
  27. (Sept 27) WRESTLE KINGDOM 11 in Tokyo Dome January 4 Tokyo Dome, 2017 • Special single match Juice Robinson VS Cody
     I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love Juice?!
  28. (Sept 28) DESTRUCTION in KOBE Sept 23,2018 Hyogo·Kobe World Hall • Yota Tsuji VS Yuya Uemura
    • A “Young Lion” match aka NJPW Rookie/Trainee
  29. (Sept 29) Diva Tag Team Match – January 23, 2006
  30. (Sept 30) Matt Riddle vs Pentagon Jr – Tier 1 Wrestling
    • First Matt Riddle Match I’ve ever seen. He wrestles barefoot. Very interesting but isn’t that a sprained ankle waiting to happen. I know one fights barefoot in MMA (Matt Riddle is a former UCF and Bellator fighter) but pro wrestling can be such a mix of types, depending on who you are going against that it seems a bit more of a hazard to me. But again, i’m anything but a professional. 

I’m very excited to see what October brings in regards to wrestling. Want to see spooky, hardcore or Halloween-esque matches. So probably that means Kane, Undertaker, Abyss, Allysin Kay & Harllow O’Hara, to name a few spookier wrestlers. And I NEED to see what the heck is this happned with the whole Switchblade & Gedo turning on Okada thing. Chaos in Chaos. Who knew? 😂

Well that’s all for the month of september. As always, I will leave linked the playlist of daily wrestling matches i have need this year, and most of these matches you can find there. The only ones you can’t are the NJPW matches, which I saw on https://njpwworld.com and All In, which can be seen on https://njpwworld.comhttps://www.rohwrestling.com  & https://www.fite.tv  but you have to pay.
















Stay Weird,
PJ Cage 🖤

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