Why Does Pro Wrestling Matter?

Cover photo credit: Flickr [Photo by MARk SURUMe http://bit.ly/2fUrSBM Title: DSCF8687 Licence CC]

Have you ever been so emerged in a television series, a movie saga or a fictional book that you wish it were real? Have you ever wanted to live inside a Marvel Comic, Final Fantasy or Game of Thrones? That your fantasy could somehow combine with your reality and be a part of your day to day life? Well, that’s Pro Wrestling. It’s a world where life and art combine to create this enigmatic, athletic form of entertainment. But throughout the years it has seemingly lost its mainstream caliber and has turned into something a little more obsolete in pop culture.

Nowadays you say that you are a wrestling fan and about 80% people will look at you weird, about 15% will say they watched it when they were a kid and only a very small minority will say “Cool. I am a fan too.” But most of the time people just talk about WWE and have no idea that other wrestling exists all around the world. (Other than Mexican Lucha Libre.) And freaking Hot Topic is selling New Japan Pro Wrestling shirts so people must find Pro Wrestling hot, right?

What people fail to understand that pro wrestling is much more than crazy antics or two middle-aged dudes yelling “Suck it.” It can give people inspiration and the role models they need to stay on a good path. In my case, after I rediscovered pro wrestling my entire life did a 180 and I became the person I always wanted to be. Everything revolves around wrestling. From the clothes I wear to the music I listened to, to the books I read. Everything has to do with the business.

Wrestling is a dream, a world. Something where creativity, imagination meet action and athleticism. And to be honest, ask a wrestling fan why they love it and most of the time they will have no idea why. I don’t know why I am so passionate about it and I know I’m not the only one. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

This is a presentation I found on http://www.slideshare.net done by a WWE fan. Most wrestling fans have been watching it since childhood and cannot even remember now. It might have been a family member or a friend who introduced us to it. Maybe it was a particular wrestler, storyline or style that sucked us in. Bottom line pro wrestling is an addicting, rush and it has the most passionate fans in the world and in order to do it you have to love it with everything you got. Again, don’t believe me? I’ll prove it with an example that isn’t “All In” aka the biggest (and sold out) independent wrestling event in history that happened last September. 10,000 seats is a big deal guys. But anyways

If Big E didn’t love pro wrestling would he have put his body on the line for it? People like Seth Rollins, Paige, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Matt Taven, Nikki Bella, Finn Balor, Hiromu Takahashi, and Lita have battled through painful, career-ending injuries with the goal of getting back in the ring. But why would they endure such unimaginable pain just to roll around in a ring? Because they love it.  It’s not all about money and fame ya know, though no superstar is mad about the cash in their bank account. Pro wrestling is a passion and lifestyle and it requires a huge sacrifice and I thank every person who has ever laced up a pair of wrestling boots. It takes a lot of guts and talent.


So why does Pro Wrestling matter? Because it just does. End of story. It’s important to me and a lot of people. It’s an escape, a pastime, a hobby, a lifestyle, a sense of identity and so much more. I could tell that the people that were filling up MSG at ROH’s & NJPW’s G1 Supercard event genuinely loved Pro Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling, WWE’s new rival promotion, was born out of pure LOVE for the business. At the end of the day, it’s all about the love for this crazy form of athletic entertainment. 

So whoever you are out there, whether you like Colt Cabana or John Cena, NJPW or WCW, there’s a place for you in this big wrestling world. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Pro Wrestling Tees. http://www.prowrestlingtees.com I guarantee you’ll find something you like. (Not Sponsered just really love how they’ve made Wrestling cool again! Thanks to them is why I can buy Bullet Club Shirts at Hot Topic!) 

“Pro Wrestling is real, people are fake.” -Ken Anderson

Stay Weird Guys! And go watch some wrestling!! I HIGHLY recommend Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

[Youtube: ROH Throwback: Jay White vs Will Ospreay https://youtu.be/8Ee60BC7ang  By Ring of Honor Wrestling https://bit.ly/30n1A3s I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO]

Enjoy! 🤘🏻
🖤 PJ Cage

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