Podcasting!! 🎙

If you haven’t entered the 21st Century, Hi, Welcome. Y2K didn’t end us. We’re still here. We’re still kickin’. (Google it if you’re confused.)
Anyways, In this day and age, we have amazing technological tools at our disposal, both hardware, and software, and some of them are even FREE. Yes, Free! One of the coolest and most up and coming methods of communications and social media, today, is podcasting. 

Podcasting 🎙 is defined as “the practice of using the Internet to make digital recordings of broadcasts available for downloading to a computer or mobile device.” In other words, It’s like Radio-On-Demand. You can listen to any time, anywhere, at the press of a button. It’s one of my favorite forms of media, education, and entertainment, and there’s a variety of topics to choose from. 

They’ve really boomed in the last couple of years. But actually, my first introduction to podcasting was around 2005/6 was my Dad showed me that I could listen to Radio Disney live on his Apple Desktop Computer. Life Changing for an 8-year-old girl with a “High School Musical” obsession. 

My Father is a minister and not too long after, he decided to post the audio of his sermons as Podcasts and a Radio Show he did called “Palabra Viva” on iTunes. So I remember him locking himself away in his office with a little mic and recording the intro and outros to these shows. It was so cool to me, though it was not fun having to be extra quiet and not annoy him while he was during the filming process. 

Fast forward to about 2013/14, when I had really gotten back into Pro Wrestling. I learned that a lot of my favorite wrestlers and wrestling personalities had their own podcasts!! It was amazing hearing about the business from people who were actually in it. I’d spend my days listening to “The Steve Austin Show,” JR’s “The Ross Report,” “Talk is Jericho,” and the OG wrestling Podcast: “The Art of Wrestling Podcast” with Mr. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana. The incredible stories these people shared were so captivating, I couldn’t get enough!! I still remember listening to Colt’s internet-shattering podcast with CM Punk in November 2014, months after he had walked out on the WWE and that was earth-shattering. They even got sued out of it. But that’s another story… 

What I also love about Podcasts is that they help me feel less alone. When I’m doing work, my makeup, or in the car, taking public transport or a walk. Podcasts help fill my ears with delightful conversations and knowledge I probably wouldn’t get anywhere else. Especially in High School, where I felt so misunderstood and outcasted, podcasts helped me feel connected to like-minded individuals because they are so tailored to the audience they are made for. 

So, you might be asking “What can you Podcast about?” Well, you can Podcast about…

Things or Topics to Podcast about:

> Sports: (Pro Wrestling, MMA, NFL, NBA, Etc.)

> Food & Cuisine 

> Current Events and/or News
> Interviews with people who have something to say. 
> Travel

> Lifestyle 
> Positivity & Motivation 

> Mental Health
> Politics
> Religion 
> History

> Spirituality & Self Growth
> Beauty 
> Music 

> Pop Culture & Celebrities 
> TV & Movies 

> Video Games
> Animation

> Technology

> Education

> Art

> Audio Blogs (Vlog Style)


The first person I heard who did the “Vlog Style” podcasts was Pro Wrestling’s Colt Cabana, who got sick of doing the same interview style podcasts wrestling personalities ended up copying from him after the trend caught on, and wanted to put a spin on it. So instead of playing Journalist, he takes his mics and recorder with him, to where ever he is traveling to and just has casual conversations with the wrestlers around them. He talks about where he is and sometimes you can even hear the background noise of the place he is in. It really feels like stepping into a bubble of someone else’s life. 

My favorite Lifestyle Podcast is Kalyn’s Coffee Talk. It’s a Podcasting spin-off of her “Coffee Talk” series on her YouTube Channel. Another one lifestyle podcast I’ve been getting into lately is Carrie Rad’s “Soul Sugar” Podcast, which is a new show on the block so it doesn’t have many episodes out yet.

My Favorite Podcasts:
> Kalyn's Coffee Talk (Lifestyle)
> Soul Sugar Podcast (Lifestyle)
> Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia (Pro Wrestling, Motivational 
& Interviews)
> What's the Tee? With RuPaul and Michelle Visage (Interview)
> Art of Wrestling Podcast with Colt Cabana

So where can you listen to Podcasts? The most popular places are iTunes and Spotify, and that’s where I tend to get mine from, but you can also listen to them on apps made by Podcasting companies or networks like Castbox, Stitcher, Podcast One, websites for the specific podcast you’re interested in or even free platforms like Youtube and Soundcloud.  Podcasts tend to be free, so long as you put up with ads in the middle of the episodes because the hosts gotta eat too.

So speaking of Soundcloud, we actually got to record podcasts in Digital Media Class last semester was actually Podcast. We covered different topics like Hurricane Maria and Latin Music Artists since Latin Trap has become really popular in the last two years. So here are some of the Podcasts we did: (Podcasts are in SPANISH)

Episode 1: https://soundcloud.com/user-213356921/humans-of-sagrado-episode-1
Episode 3: https://soundcloud.com/user-213356921/humans-of-sagrado-episode-3
Episode 5: https://soundcloud.com/user-213356921/humans-of-sagrado-podcast-episode-5

I also had the fun of doing a D.I.Y. Podcast with my classmate Walenda, we jokingly called “Pinky Cage” about Web use, How much you trust the internet, Fake News Cyberbullying, and the internet in general. So enjoy this kinda messy, informative mini-disaster and I hope you learn something: (Podcast is in SPANISH)

LINK: https://soundcloud.com/user-739423936/pinky-cage-podcast-sobre-la-web-fake-news-y-mas

So that is it from me. I highly encourage you to check out podcasts and find a topic that piques your interest so you can learn on the go, especially if you aren’t a reader. I love reading but I can’t read a book while I iron my hair, so I pop on a podcast. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Stay Weird Internet People!

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