Looking Back at INF 115 Class

I was truly very excited to take this class because I loved taking the basic informatics class back in 2016. But this time… things were different.

I started the semester COMPLETELY burnt out from taking care of my grandparents, who both had cancer, all summer. I was tired, crabby and not in a good mental space. But I tried to shrug it off, drink a coffee and get to work. But life doesn’t work that way. A few weeks into the semester, my grandmother passed away, and our family’s hearts were shattered. I fell into this cycle of intense emotions of a misdiagnosed mental health disorder, anxiety, depression, and grief. Though I have peace that my Grandma is happy and ok in Heaven, watching my grandfather learn to live without her is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever witnessed. But life goes on… and mine went on.

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Even though I wasn’t at my best during the class, we still did a lot of really cool stuff. I really enjoyed creating a Podcast with my Classmate Walenda because we decided to add extra commentary to the questions and it ended being a really interesting conversation. I enjoyed connecting with other people and hearing what they had to say.

I also LOVED learning about Google Arts and Culture because it’s like having the world at your fingertips. But my favorite class project by far was the one-photo-a-day (una foto cada dia) where we had to post a foto to Twitter every day for about 30 days of a different topic the bot randomly chose and it caused me to create a lot of wonderful images and be very creative

On the more negative end of the spectrum, I learned that Hurricane Maria is still a touchy subject for me because it caused so much pain and crisis in the people I love most, so it was hard for me to open up about. I also had to navigate my social anxiety and get out of my comfort zone. I even let a classmate take my photo!! Take that Low Self Esteem!!

But what I really loved about the class is how it opened my eyes to new passions and reignited ones that have dulled down thanks to my depression. I learned that I am super passionate about mental health and feel drawn to talking about it and sharing my experiences so others can learn and feel understood. I also realized that I love Pro Wrestling more than my depression lets me think I do, and I always want it to be in my life. I wrote meaningful blog posts that people really connected to and I feel very proud of the hard work I put into my posts.

I’m very grateful for this experience. I’m thankful for being able to retap into my creativity and get inspired about life again, even when it was hard. I realized that I love editing and creating content and I want to keep expressing myself. Thanks, Professor for the opportunity to learn this valuable lesson. I am eternally grateful.

That’s all for now guys. Just a simple little post. I’m gonna go Caffeinate now.

Stay Weird and Creative!
🖤 PJ Cage

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